Is Your Individuality A Scratch Card Player, Or A Lottery Win Player?

Is Your Individuality A Scratch Card Player, Or A Lottery Win Player?


Do you favor the instantaneous charm of scratchies … or are you pleased to wait it out for the lottery game to draw? You’ll be shocked to understand the video game you favor often reveals your character.

Address these 5 fast questions to discover:


OF COURSE/ NO: Do you get impatient in lines up?
YES/ NO: When you buy chocolate, do you consume it as soon as possible? INDEED/ NO: Do you think the moment is cash?
INDEED/ NO: Are you annoyed at slow motorists? OF COURSE/ NO: Do you rush when you go shopping?

If your answers were generally YES, then you choose the immediacy of Scratcher results … the quick results. You may be a Type A character – fast-moving, desire answers quickly. Gamings like Scratch cards and poker machines appeal to you due to their instant incentives.

If you addressed mostly NO, after that you have extra patience to await your lottery win 파워볼사이트. You might likewise be the kind of person who is not often late, useful, and patient.

Neither attribute is great or poor, according to the countless character tests available. Just various. Does not matter how you win it – money is cash!

As well as the only difference between video games is the amount of the reward. Numerous lotto games go into the hundreds of millions, but scratch cards generally just increase to $1,000,000.

Personally, I believe it’s best to play the lottery game. You obtain more tickets – and also chances to win, for your dollar. And the pot is larger. In some cases, bigger IS far better!

10 Weird Realities I Learn About You As Well As Your Lottery Win Behaviors


Since I started setting up surveys on the Lottery Life blog site, I’ve located the results are not what I expected. Below’s what I have found out about individuals that click the BALLOT button:

1. You’re generally COMPUTER users. Mac individuals turn up as only 25% of the overall votes. However, this is a big change from just a couple of years ago when Macs were consistently only 10% of the world’s computer individuals.

2. A 3rd of you would not be satisfied with a $220 million winning. You desire much more. You aspire! That’s why the current $656 Huge Millions game attracted so much interest.

3. Many of you play two times a week as well as several of you more than that. A big 42% if you play two times a week, yet one more 31% play much more times weekly. We have actually got some major players right here, determined to obtain winning! Maintain going – that’s a good way to obtain one of the most from your Silver Lotto System.

A monstrous 85% of you will certainly keep your health insurance going also after a big win.

Concerning fifty percent of you will just invest approximately $10 a video game. Yet 21% of you would invest over $500 a game if you recognized there was a winning chance therein.

Nevertheless, your win quantities are much less enthusiastic …

32% of you are perfectly pleased with just a $1 million win to make you give up your task.

A house is a primary property you would acquire with your lottery win. Over fifty percent of you would certainly purchase a residence initially, while a fifth of you would certainly put it in the financial institution. 16% of you would certainly acquire a new car, or go on an abroad journey (11%).

72% of females would wed a guy who was short however rich. Hey, cash talks!

Only 18% of you would certainly want to tell the globe about your win … 82% of you want to keep it near your chest.

One of the most interesting truth which appears to negate (9) is that a carefully equivalent variety of you would put on camouflage to accumulate your earnings (56%), to those who would certainly not (44%).