About us

Cashpump service provides you with new better opportunities to make money online without any expenses or investments! You can make money easily by performing a series of specific actions, which are already part of your daily routine. For example, you can get paid for installing apps or posting comments on websites. You can choose the most suitable way of making money and run on the most convenient schedule with Cashpump.

Cashpump will help you to earn decent extra money. The size of your income will depend on the quality of your work (the amount of completed tasks and their accuracy). Aside from those stipulations, we don’t limit your options to earn. We do our best to provide you with a high quality and up-to-date service that doesn’t require any professional skills. Your logical thinking skills and your ability to perform tasks quickly and correctly are sufficient. Therefore, you can make money with little effort on your part while choosing tasks you want to complete.

Even schoolkids, students and retirees can earn money with the service. The only requirement is basic computer skills and the desire to work. Another benefit of working with Cashpump is your independence from work. You can work from anywhere, whenever you want. You will be paid as soon as you complete your tasks. You can withdraw your funds after each completed task or accumulate it and withdraw a bigger amount later - it’s your money, it’s up to you. Cashpump service develops constantly by getting new customers and investors. This means that we can predict the increase of the amount of work confidently and therefore, we can also assure you of the potential increased income.

You will make money easily, quickly and comfortably. We offer you a satisfactory, reliable service.

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Average Earnings
  • 0.01$
    Earn money for every link you click. Make money with little effort.
  • 0.02$
    Installing Apps
    Make money while gaming. Get paid for installing apps.
  • 0.05$
    Make money with one click. Upload files and let the money start rolling right in!
Timely payment
No investments
Unlimited income

The Service does not require any investment. It only provides you with work. Cashpump helps you earn extra money that you can spend on whatever you like. For example, you can use the money to pay for your phone, go to the café with your significant other or pay your Internet service provider. Your income depends on your effort! We don’t offer you mythical millions, we offer you real money!

A variety of tasks
Flexible hours
Be your own boss
For people of all ages

The benefits of this service are both the total freedom of choosing jobs and unlimited usage of the Service. Now you can work at your leisure and control the amount of tasks you complete. Working for Cashpump is your dream job because you are free to do whatever you like!

  • Sergey Vasilchenko

    I was able to complete some tasks on my way to work. In 50 min I was able to see 10 sites and view 9 videos. I was impressed to see how much money I was able to make. So, it looks like I will continue using Cashpump.

  • Michael Brova

    Cool service. The more tasks you perform, the more money you will earn. I can earn extra money when I’m sitting through a long lecture[in class]. Though I’ve been using the Service for two weeks, I’m considering making permanent income here.

  • Katherine Nigalchuk

    I’ve performed some tasks today. It is so easy. I’ve already tested the Service on my way to the university. I’m going to keep trying to increase the number of tasks completed per day and for some extra pocket money.