A Caution Regarding Lotto Game Reward Scams, And Also A 3-Point Checklist

A Caution Regarding Lotto Game Reward Scams, And Also A 3-Point Checklist


I intend to caution you regarding some lotto rip-offs going around.

The majority of emails encouraging that you have actually won a reward in a lottery game that you did not get in are straight-out fraud. Several of these have unlawfully made use of the Silver Lotto System internet site as a cover.

Don’t get tricked – get wise. Ask yourself:

  • Did I also enter their draw?
  • Did I pay money to play their online or offline game?
  • Does it all noise too main? (This is your warning…official-looking e-mails are made to make you believe they’re actual).

1. If your solution is no to any type of question, after that neglect them. Don’t also reply to their email. Erase it immediately also, so no one else obtains burned.

2. Don’t call any telephone number they give you. They usually have a boiler-room operation designed to trap you and also persuade you they are authentic.

3. And most notably – do NOT send out money, your bank card numbers, your savings account, social security number, driver’s license, or your ID – or anything – to any individual that “needs” it for authentication or payment. Don’t pay them a dime!

You may be tempted to check the fraud out on a scammer website. I would not bother. In some cases anti-scam websites are frauds.

Prevent them – as well as do nothing.

Time To Repossess Control Over Your Lottery Game Destiny! Below are 3 Ways


Lots of people don’t have much say in their lives. They’re informed what to do by their employers, the federal government, customs, social rules, financial institutions.

It seems there’s very little that isn’t our own choice any longer.

Heck, our federal government even informed me recently that I needed to transform my clock to their daytime conserving hours and also get up at a different time! (I neglect them).

The lotto seems the last location you can obtain regulate back. Besides, a bunch of arbitrary numbers comes tumbling out of a perspex barrel, and you obtain told whether you have actually won or otherwise.

However, it’s not that tough to beat the system. You can get back in control of your very own lotto destiny and also quit being messed around by anybody.

Here are the 3 quick actions you require to do:


CONTROL # 1: Fix your very own numbers. Stop using quick choices right away and resolve to always make use of the Silver Lotto selection. Make use of the very same numbers each time. That decreases the number of opportunities you’re exposed to.

CONTROL # 2: Control your play days. Don’t pick a preferred draw day – that’s when everybody else plays. If you all win the same prize, you’re going to need to share it amongst yourself. Be creatively self-centered – ask your store when the least prominent video games are played, as well as play only those days.

CONTROL # 3: Quit relying on publicity. When the doomsday folk tells you that you just have 1 chance in a number of hundred countless winnings, neglect them.
When you have the best knowledge, you understand that your possibilities are up to as much as 1 in 14 when you use the Silver Lotto System in your play.

Bear in mind the extra you manage – the much less you leave to chance!


By the way, when you acquire adequate cash, you can do what you desire. That’s just how I can wake up at my own time. Real liberty!